Exploring compassionate feedback – a collaboration between UAL and Glasgow School of Art, UAL Education Conference 11-12 July 2022

Image of The Exchange Education Conference 2022


On the 12th July 2022, Dr Emily Salines, Dr Thea Stevens and Robert Mantho presented their paper that reports on a collaboration between UAL and Glasgow School of Art to explore ideas of compassion and belonging in feedback as part of the QAA collaborative project, Belonging in Assessment, Pipelines of Compassion (UAL, Leeds Arts University and Glasgow School of Art). They discussed a small collaborative staff workshop which explored what compassionate feedback might look like, the advice we might give to ourselves, our colleagues, and students regarding the formative assessment process and the learning within it, including within current landscape of blended feedback and assessment modes.

You can watch the presentation here:

Screen grab of title slide: Exploring compassionate feedback UAL, GSA, Marianne Greated, Vikki Hill, Robert Mantho, Emily Salines, Thea Stevens with photos of all the speakers.

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